Air Conditioning Services In Wappingers, NY

Air Conditioning Services In Wappingers, Poughkeepsie, Hopewell Junction, NY, and Surrounding Areas

Home and Commercial Cooling Services

When your Dutchess County home or business needs to cool down, trust McCourt Heating & Cooling. We offer more than 20 years of experience with home cooling systems and commercial cooling systems, handling everything from installation and repairs to upgrades and replacements.

Residential A/C Installation

When the temperature rises, there’s nothing quite like a cool and comfortable home provided by an air conditioning system. While the basic function of an A/C system is to remove heat from your home and expel it outside, various types of cooling systems are available for homes. Our team of experts can help you select the most suitable one based on factors like the size, age, and location of your home. Through a comprehensive inspection, we’ll provide recommendations for systems that work best for your needs, such as ductless, central, window-based, or other solutions.
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Commercial A/C Installation

Nowadays, most commercial properties utilize some form of A/C. The key is choosing the right commercial cooling system for your business because a small shop or diner has starkly different needs than a large office building or indoor sports facility. The McCourt Heating & Cooling team is experienced with the three most common types of commercial air conditioning: single-split, multi-split, and VRF/VRV.
However, these three approaches have numerous sub-approaches, steps, and layouts. This makes our knowledge even more critical in determining the most cost-effective, energy-efficient solution.
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A/C Maintenance and Repair Services

Getting the most out of your A/C system in terms of value requires consistent maintenance and repair services. To achieve this, annual or biannual tune-ups are crucial, especially before the summer season starts. These tune-ups help to ensure that the system operates at optimal efficiency levels. Our team of experts will also inspect the unit’s components to identify parts that may require repair or replacement while performing the tune-up.

Why Choose Ductless A/C ?

The most significant advantage to a ductless A/C system is in the name itself. By replacing the cumbersome, complex, inefficient ductwork of a traditional A/C system, a home or business can realize significant benefits in terms of versatility, comfort, and noise reduction, not to mention a considerable upgrade in terms of system efficiency. McCourt Heating & Cooling will talk with you about how the system works and how it can be best applied to your property.

Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining good indoor air quality throughout the year is crucial. In the warmer months, factors like pollen, insects, and dirt can compromise air quality, while in the winter, a lack of ventilation due to closed windows can lead to stagnant air. Our local HVAC company offers a range of solutions to help our clients maintain high indoor air quality, including whole-house media filters, humidifiers, and UV lights. These solutions help eliminate pollutants and ensure your home’s air is fresh and healthy.

Why Choose McCourt Heating & Cooling?

For anything related to heating and cooling near Hudson Valley, NY, McCourt Heating & Cooling is the company to call. Our fully licensed and insured technicians offer more than 45 years of collective experience, helping local businesses and homeowners select, maintain, and benefit from the right HVAC solution. Our friendly, professional team knows the ins and outs of every cooling system, and we understand what it takes to get the best results in terms of efficiency, cost savings, and lifespan.

Our AC Services Includes:

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