The Importance of Workplace Temperature Control

The Importance of Workplace Temperature Control

The temperature in the workplace is not usually a widely discussed topic in New York state unless employees are faced with extreme temperature fluctuations, requiring them to either reach for a sweater or a fan. However, McCourt Heating & Cooling, a reliable supplier of high-quality HVAC solutions in Dutchess County, can assist in understanding and resolving these issues.
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Workplace Heating Options

Under normal circumstances, a commercial building’s HVAC usage represents the highest energy expense. That’s why it’s critical that a workplace consult with our local HVAC experts to install the most efficient, budget-friendly system. Three of the most common solutions are as follows:
    • VAV system with packaged rooftop unit (VAV + RTU): This system is ideal for single-story workspaces with a large rooftop area in proportion to their indoor floor space.
    • Chiller-based system: This setup is commonly employed for multi-story buildings and is typically more efficient than a VAV system. This is mostly because the system can be consolidated into a single chiller instead of several separate units (as is often needed for a VAV system).
    • Water-source heat pump system: Of the three systems mentioned here, this is usually the best in terms of versatility and energy efficiency. Like a standard A/C unit, this system is based on the refrigeration cycle but offers reversible operation.

How To Make Workplace Heating More Efficient

Getting everyone to agree on the perfect temperature for the workplace is highly improbable. Therefore, it is recommended to focus your office’s collective energy on improving the heating system’s efficiency. Some of the best ways to do this include the following:
  • Installing a programmable thermostat: Being able to increase/decrease room temperature automatically, as well as set the temperature to different levels based on time of day, etc., provides a big efficiency boost.
  • Upgrade existing equipment: It is common for businesses to maximize the usage of their HVAC system, even beyond its intended lifespan. However, if your workplace is still operating on an older system, upgrading to a more modern solution can significantly save heating expenses.
  • Regular inspections: Clogs, leaks, and holes can severely compromise a duct-based heating system, so it’s important to check the infrastructure regularly.

Federal Recommendations

A workplace’s temperature should be kept at a level that promotes a safe, healthy environment for employees and helps boost productivity. At this time, OSHA doesn’t mandate employers maintain specific temperatures in the workplace but does state that workers have a right to a workplace “free from recognized hazards.” According to OSHA, the minimum recommended temperature for indoor workplaces is 68 degrees, and the maximum is 76 degrees. This range is applicable regardless of business size. Regarding humidity, the acceptable recommended range per OSHA is 20 percent to 60 percent.

Why Invest In Regular HVAC Maintenance?

Regular HVAC maintenance includes the following:
  • Boosts energy efficiency
  • Minimizes HVAC repairs
  • Optimizes indoor air quality
  • Extends the HVAC system’s lifespan
  • Ensures safety
These benefits are easily obtained by scheduling professional HVAC maintenance 1 – 2 times a year. It’s easy, economical, and the best way to confirm your HVAC system works properly and safely.

When The Heat Is On, Call McCourt Heating & Cooling

McCourt Heating & Cooling has been helping the Hudson Valley region for over 20 years, providing comprehensive HVAC services such as installation, repairs, seasonal maintenance, and guidance on OSHA regulations regarding workplace temperature. Contact us today to discuss your HVAC requirements.