Why My Water Heater Isn’t Giving Hot Water?

Why My Water Heater Isn’t Giving Hot Water?

Is your Water Heater not giving you hot water at any of your showers or faucets? We’re sure that you’re concerned. Finding out what’s wrong with your water heater can be a challenge. With a little time and patience, you might be able to resolve the problem by yourself. But, don’t put yourself at risk by attempting any boiler repairs that you’re not qualified to perform. Well, the truth is, the water heater problem occurs long before the unit actually fails.

Here, we have listed a few warning signs that indicate your hot water heater is not working properly and likely require service.

Why My Water Heater Isn’t Giving Hot Water?

Inconsistent Temperature

Do you face trouble in controlling the temperature of your hot water? Or does the temperature goes off suddenly from hot to cold, even though you haven’t touched the faucet handle? If yes, then the issue occurs due to the inconsistent temperature. It’s another potential sign of a hot water heater going out.

In some cases, you may be able to resolve the issue by adjusting the water heater’s settings. But, if it doesn’t work, then it’s probably time for your water heater repair or upgrades.

Water Takes More Time to Heat Up

If your Water Heater takes more time to heat up your water, then it’s the indication that an issue has occurred with the thermostat or heating element. In case, if replacing the thermostat or heating element, or flushing the water tank doesn’t solve the problem, then it may be the right time to replace the unit.


Leakage is one of the most common water heater problems. If you notice a puddle of standing water around your water heater, then you should probably look into replacing the tank as soon as possible. Depending on the source of the leak, a leaking water heater could indicate an internal failure of the unit that requires immediate attention. Otherwise, you’ll face the risk that may cause intensive damage to your home.

Poor Water Quality

Well, you can tell a lot about your water heater’s performance just by inspecting your hot water that it comes out of the faucet. Sometimes, the minerals, sediment, and other debris can collect in the bottom of your water heater’s tank over time. And this will often produce rust, muddy-looking water. Meanwhile, you can also notice an unpleasant odour, or that your water has a metallic taste.

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